University Retirement Community
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation
  |  Davis, CA
Skilled Nursing Care in Davis

No matter what your individual nursing care or rehabilitation needs may be, University Retirement Community is here for you.

The Personalized Care You Deserve

University Retirement Community’s Medicare-certified Health Care Center provides compassionate skilled nursing and rehabilitation for individuals who are temporarily or permanently in need of such services. Residents of the Health Care Center are provided with comfortable accommodations, a personalized care plan, a full activities program, and three meals a day. Residents also have access to specialized services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, laboratory services, and use of other health-related equipment.

For residents of URC, stays in the Health Care Center are available any time they are needed at no additional cost. We also offer our skilled nursing and rehabilitation services via our Direct Admissions program, and our professional staff works hard to ensure any and all transitions go as smoothly as possible.

1515 Shasta Drive
Davis, CA 95616