Mirabella Seattle
Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation
  |  Seattle, WA
Skilled Nursing Care in Seattle

Mirabella Seattle offers specialized skilled nursing and rehabilitation services tailored to your individual needs—so you get the best care every day.

Specialized, private care

Our Medicare-certified Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation program, Pathways to Progress, is staffed with professionals ready to assist residents in the transition from hospital to home. Care is provided in all-private suites, for extra comfort and security. Mirabella’s rehabilitation therapists are also certified in an advanced therapy program called Accelerated Care Plus©, the leading provider of integrated clinical programs, therapeutic modalities, and products and services for geriatric rehabilitation.

Our subacute and rehabilitation program—which includes a full range of inpatient medical care, nursing services, and advanced rehabilitation programs—focuses on helping you progress quickly and successfully in your recovery and rehabilitation. With an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, licensed therapists, and dietitians, everyone’s care needs are met, as are their social and emotional needs.

Upon admission, the social worker begins the discharge planning process and assists in the coordination of any necessary services you may need upon your return home.

Pathways is licensed to accept coverage by HMOs and private insurance.

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Seattle, WA 98109