Amenities & Features


We are happy to provide you with the first-class services you desire in your retirement. From conveniences such as on-site banking, front desk concierge services, and a hair salon to housekeeping and transportation services, we’re here to keep life running as smoothly as possible.

Health & Wellness

At Holladay Park Plaza, wellness is a way of life. Our robust wellness program and other on-site amenities ensure you have access to countless opportunities to engage in every dimension of wellness—from physical and intellectual to emotional, spiritual, social, and vocational—for a healthy, balanced life. Find your routine, or try new things every day!


Though Holladay Park Plaza puts access to the wonderful city of Portland right at your fingertips, you don’t have to wander far to find fun events and activities. Right here on campus we host a vast array of special events, from happy hour in our cocktail Penthouse bar to movie nights and holiday parties. You can also partake in any of our myriad regularly scheduled clubs and events.