Holladay Park Plaza About us

Our History

Holladay Park Plaza has been serving Portland-area seniors since 1967. It was conceptualized in 1963 when the Presbytery of the Cascades partnered with the Lloyd Corporation to build a continuing care retirement community in the Lloyd District near downtown Portland. The community, which came to be called Holladay Park Plaza, was designed to serve residents who desired a vibrant, urban lifestyle.

In 1999 Holladay Park Plaza joined the Pacific Retirement Services family of affiliates. The Plaza’s board of directors felt that the affiliation would allow their community to provide enhanced services to residents. Since the affiliation, Holladay Park Plaza has been extensively renovated and remodeled, adding many services and amenities to its campus, as well as many new apartments.

Mission Statement

Holladay Park Plaza is a premier not-for-profit retirement community where all are welcome and the lives of residents are continually enriched.

• We are aware of the ever-changing needs of retirees and encourage an active lifestyle and spiritual and social opportunities.

• We are committed to excellence in our industry through the work of experienced and educated staff and directors, enhanced by resident involvement.

• We are dedicated to providing high-quality services, including a diverse dining program, comprehensive wellness services, and personalized care.

• We are committed to being good financial stewards, providing support for residents when needed, while keeping costs commensurate with services provided.

• We honor and respect all our community members.

Vision Statement

The vision for Holladay Park Plaza is to always be an incredible retirement community where people’s lives are enriched as a result of being there. The Plaza is a place where residents enjoy life and age with dignity. The environment is personal, warm, inclusive, secure, and fun. Residents regard the Plaza as their home, and they seek out, enjoy, and help create a family atmosphere. Residents are active, and a variety of opportunities exist for this varied population to participate.