The Wellness Program at Trinity Terrace Retirement Community

Our multifaceted Wellness Program is designed around the principle of successful aging as described by the MacArthur Foundation research. They found that as much as 70% of physical aging is related to lifestyle choices that include eating a healthy diet, getting enough physical exercise, and keeping one’s mind active and engaged.

At Trinity Terrace, wellness means supporting residents in all of these aspects:

  • Eating right is easy because our culinary team prepares meals that delight the palate and provide good nutrition.
  • Our Fitness Center and Indoor Pool, along with the many exercise classes offered weekly, promote good physical health.
  • Residents stay informed through on-campus seminars related to general health, brain fitness, stress management, and more.
  • Visiting musicians, performers, and artists provide personal enrichment.

Social engagement takes place throughout campus, all day long, each and every day, as residents interact with others while dining, exercising, and participating in hobby groups or recreational activities.


Our Wellness Class Menu


Conducted in our swimming pool, this class addresses your heart, lungs and muscles while being gentle on the joints. Water is the perfect medium to address many different levels of fitness in the same class while being gentle on the joints.  Results are truly amazing.

Ballroom Dance

Ballroom Dance offers so many benefits: improved posture and balance, exercise, a sense of accomplishment, a new dimension to relationships, and FUN!  You will learn the art of partner dancing while practicing the world’s most popular dances.  Class is tailored to meet the needs and desires of attendees – so come make your dance dreams a reality!

Finding Better Balance 

Do you struggle to get down and up from the floor?  Would you like to increase your ability to balance, both while moving and while standing still?  This class will concentrate on practicing safe transitions when moving up and down from the floor, increasing range-of-movement and it includes drills to increase your ability to balance.

Functional Fitness

Even if you don’t live on the third floor, you are welcome to attend this class. This class includes mental work such as cross-word puzzles and physical work such as functional exercises.  This is a great class for new exercisers and/or people who use walkers.

Seniorcize 1

In this core class, exercises for the abs and back are executed on the floor mats. This is an intermediate level class.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged to start with partial participation and work their way to completing the full class.

Seniorcize 2

The first 10 minutes of class address strengthening the heart and lungs as you move without music.  The rest of the class increases muscle strength, bone density and balance by training with weights, exer-tubes and your own body weight. This is an intermediate level class.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged to start with partial participation and work their way to completing the full class.

Silver Stretch

The purpose of this class is to increase your balance, range of motion, and freedom of movement. This advanced class includes floor mat work (getting up and off the floor). If you are looking for a new exercise challenge, this is the class for you.

Sit & Be Fit

Most of the exercises in this class are executed while sitting.  Weights and exercise bands and tubes are used to increase strength.  This is a great class for new exercisers.

Tai Chi

Tai chi is a centuries-old Chinese system of physical exercise and mental conditioning that elevates body and spirit. It is characterized by slow, relaxed movements that will have a positive effect on your strength, balance, and peace of mind. Ultimately it is an intellectual and physical voyage of discovery while being a lot of fun to learn and experience.