Resident Spotlight: Betty and Dan Baker

June 11, 2014

Dan Baker admits, “I thought my wife had lost her mind when she walked in and handed me a brochure with a picture of a high rise building called Trinity Terrace. I was sitting in my easy chair in our lovely hill-top home north of San Antonio, Texas.” Dan’s wife Betty said she starting thinking about the “what ifs” and it all started to make sense that it was time to look at the future. She said she found out about Trinity Terrace online, contacted the marketing department, and the couple went to visit the community for an overnight stay.

They immediately recognized the warm, friendly and supportive culture at Trinity Terrace. Dan still works and is a consultant who helps companies create and maintain good cultures. He says, “I know one when I see one. The Trinity Terrace culture is what we call an organic culture. It is real, and you recognize it the minute you walk through the doors.” Betty says, “You can just feel that the people who work here love their jobs.” The couple decided to move after they toured, and this month marks their one-year anniversary of living at this CCRC.

Betty says it’s difficult to make a great life-changing decision like this, but for them, once they made the decision to move, everything else just fell into place. “We consider this move to a CCRC a gift to our daughters. Now they don’t have to worry about us in that big house.” She says, “it was freeing to downsize, take just what we wanted, and get rid of everything else.” She says they’re so happy that they’ve make the move while they can still have time to enjoy all the benefits.

“We have more friends now the we ever have before,” says Betty. The couple got involved in the community right away. Dan still travels all over the country with work , and Betty is actively part of Trinity Terrace Advisory Committee and co-chairman of the Trinity Terrace Foundation. Forth Worth is an exciting area. The couple enjoys day trips like the Bonnie & Clyde tour and lots of shopping. Betty says she and Dan exercise daily which is a good thing, because “the food is just fabulous. You just have to be careful not to eat too much!” The biggest surprise for the couple has been the people, “everybody is upbeat and positive and you can’t find that just anywhere.”