Independent Living in Fort Worth, Texas

Independent Living apartments are designed for those individuals who do not need personal assistance. Residents can choose from a variety of beautifully appointed, spacious apartment homes, some up to 2,000 square feet.

Residents who live Independently at Trinity Terrace enjoy a remarkable peace-of-mind because they know if their (or their spouse’s) health care needs change over time, the services and care they require are found on campus. This is especially important to couples because if one of them becomes ill and needs more care than the other, they can still remain close to each another and can easily spend time together socializing, dining, or engaging in activities. And, they know that their loved one is receiving the services they need to thrive and maintain as much independence as possible.

One of the greatest benefits of our Continuing Care program is that Independent Living residents pay no additional Monthly Fee for temporary care in the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. (The only additional charges for temporary stays in our Health and Rehabilitation Center are for extra meals and ancillary expenses.) Independent Living residents can recover from illness or injury in the Health and Rehabilitation Center, then return to their apartment when they are well.

If permanent nursing care is needed, our Health and Rehabilitation Center is Medicare Certified. Independent Living residents receive a special discounted fee that is below current market rates. This is another remarkable benefit of living at Trinity Terrace.

And, because of Continuing Care, residents enjoy the security of knowing that they will never become a burden to their family.