Clinic & Pharmacy

The Manor, southern Oregon’s only fully accredited CCRC, is unique in that is has its own medical clinic on campus. The clinic is staffed with two full-time physicians, two geriatric nurse practitioners and several medical aides. The clinic has four exam rooms and one treatment room for special procedures. Many residents use a clinic physician as their primary care physician, which means they can see their doctor right here at home.

Residents who use the clinic call to schedule an appointment, just as they would with any medical provider. All medical records are confidential and are securely stored.

For resident convenience, other professional services available on campus include audiology, as well as massage, physical, occupational, and speech therapies (through independent contractors.)

The Manor is also one of the few Continuing Care Retirement Communities on the West Coast that is home to a full-service pharmacy. The pharmacy is staffed with a full-time pharmacist who is a Manor employee, as are the other employees who work there.

In addition to filling medical prescriptions, the pharmacy offers a wide range of non-prescription items such as analgesics, digestive aids, adhesive bandages, hot and cold wraps, medicated soaps, antiseptics, nasal sprays, eye drops, and just about anything else you can think of.

The pharmacy also offers many convenience items, including greeting cards, candy, milk, orange juice, laundry detergent, lotions, shampoos and more.

Clinic Staff
Darin Prulhiere, M.D., Medical Director
Dr. Prulhiere received his medical degree from the Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine and is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Oregon State University and a Master of Science from Portland State University. He completed residency at Ventura County Hospital in Ventura, CA, and he practiced medicine with the Grants Pass Clinic in Grants Pass, Oregon. Dr. Prulhiere is president of the Oregon Geriatrics Society and serves as the medical director at Rogue Valley Manor.

Sue Basilicato, GNP