The Aquatic Program at Mirabella Seattle Retirement Community

Our two saline Indoor Pools and Spa are places residents love spending time, whether they are swimming laps, taking an aqua-aerobics class, or just relaxing in the warmth of the bubbling Spa.

Swimming is beneficial to everyone, but especially to those who have arthritis or are recovering from an injury or surgery. One of our Indoor Pools is the perfect length for lap swimming. The second is where residents enjoy a variety of aqua-aerobics classes, which offer a surprisingly good workout while still being easy on the joints.

The two Pools and Spa have graduated stairs for easy entry and exit. There is also a specially designed transport system for residents who cannot walk into the pool on their own. Residents find this useful when they are recovering from a hip or knee surgery: they can be gently lowered into the pool to do their water-based physical therapy, and then be gently lifted out.

After swimming or taking a class, many residents enjoy showering in the beautifully appointed private locker rooms for men and women.