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May 2013

Location, Location, Location!

Location, Location, Location!

Yes, we've all heard the phrase "location, location, location" as it applies to buying real estate. But it bears repeating in the context of senior living too. When you're choosing a senior living community, the location of that community is every bit as important as the location of a purchased home. Where you live influences how you live–in many important ways.

Residents of Mirabella are fortunate to enjoy living in a location that fosters an active and engaged lifestyle. They live in a vibrant city, surrounded by people of all ages. They have easy access to fun, interesting activities, within the Mirabella community and in the surrounding South Waterfront neighborhood. So many elements contribute to making Mirabella's location desirable. See below:

  • Mirabella is located in Portland's sought-after South Waterfront neighborhood.
  • Convenient Transportation: The Portland Streetcar has a stop just across the street from Mirabella, so it's easy to get anywhere in the city. The Portland Aerial Tram can take you up the hill to Oregon Health and Science University's main campus.
  • Pedestrian & Bicycle Friendly: The neighborhood was designed with pedestrian and bike-centric streets. Some streets are open only to foot traffic.
  • Caruthers Park is right across the street, and the river walk, which runs along the Willamette River, is just a block away.
  • Close to shops, restaurants, a sundries market, a bank, a pharmacy, seasonal farmer's markets and other conveniences.
  • Oregon Health and Science University Center for Health and Healing is just one block away, and offers a variety of medical services.
  • Spectacular views of the Willamette River, the Portland cityscape, the West hills, and Mt. Hood.

To learn more about Mirabella's enviable location, visit the Our Community link. From there, you can easily access links that will take you to the sites for everything we've mentioned above, and much more.

Resort-Style Amenities and Engaging Activities

Before visiting Mirabella, people often think we exaggerate when we describe our amenities as "resort style." We don't mind at all, because we know that all it takes is one short visit to our community to understand why we chose that term to describe what Mirabella offers.

Resort-Style Amenities and Engaging Activities

Our thinking is this: Mirabella offers the same amenities and activities that people seek out while going on resort vacations. Unwinding in a whirlpool spa. Detoxifying their systems in a dry sauna. Enjoying a massage in a soothing environment. Relaxing in his and her steam rooms. Using private locker rooms with showers, towels, suit dryers, and more.

That's starting to sound resort-like, right?

Resort-Style Amenities and Engaging Activities

Many people like to remain active while spending time at their favorite resort. They enjoy working out in a state-of-the-art gym with the latest strength and cardiovascular equipment. Others enjoy taking yoga, tai chi, or aqua-aerobics classes. Still others look forward to taking a swim in a pristine pool.

Perhaps so many people try to stay active on vacation because they know they'll be indulging themselves in food that's so good it's hard to stop eating. Delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts available every day. Healthful fare along with those "special occasion only" dishes.

Every single "resort-style" amenity we've mentioned in this article is available at Mirabella. Why don't you call us today at 1-877-254-9371, and let us show you our resort-style amenities in person?

You can also visit our Testimonials page and listen to some of our residents tell you about our amenities and the many of the different aspects of being a part of Mirabella.

Staying Safe While Staying Social

Staying Safe While Staying Social

Adults age 55 and older are the fastest growing group of Facebook users. They're discovering it's a fun, easy way to stay in touch with friends and family members of all ages. Because Facebook is an Internet-based program, we recommend users protect their personal information while using the program to grow valuable relationships. Here's how:

  • Tighten your privacy settings. When you create a Facebook account, the automatic privacy settings are actually very public. Consider limiting your information to friends and family members only.
    • Click on the padlock logo in the upper right-hand corner of your Facebook page. (On March 7, 2013, Facebook introduced a new design. If you use the new design, the padlock logo now appears near the top left corner of your Facebook page, near your name.)
    • People who want to set their privacy settings as tight as possible can select "Friends."
  • Don't accept all friend requests. If you don't know someone in real life, or even if you know that person but don't want to share personal information with him or her, just ignore their friend requests.
  • "Unfriend" a mistake. Did you accept a friend request you wish you hadn't? Go to his or her personal Facebook page, click on the "Friends" button and select "Unfriend."
  • Avoid attracting burglars. Consider not announcing when you'll be traveling or how your nephew just installed a big-screen TV in your home.
  • Don't reveal your age. Although you need to enter your birthdate when creating your profile – so Facebook knows you're over the minimum age of 13 – the world doesn't need to know your age.
    • On your personal Facebook page, under your name and profile photo, click on "About." Then scroll down to "Basic Info" and click on "Edit."
    • In the Birthday section, select "Show only month & day on my timeline" or "Don't show my birthday on my timeline."
  • Give yourself the evil eye. Look at your Facebook page closely and think about what a malicious person could do with any of the information you've posted. Avoid sharing your birth date, home address, phone numbers and social security numbers.
  • Be wary of Facebook applications. A Facebook application can give broad permission for whoever developed that application to access your data…and your friends' data. Think twice before you take quizzes that ask questions like "Would you make a good FBI agent?" or "Would you like to keep better track of birthdays?" Better still, you might want to go to the left margin of Facebook's Privacy Settings page to find the "Apps" link. There, you can turn off all application settings or limit them to friends.
  • Check your privacy settings regularly. Facebook has been known to alter their privacy features in the past. Hopefully strong pushback from the public will discourage them from doing the same in the future, but it's still a good idea to check on a regular basis. For more information about Facebook privacy, you may want to read this Wall Street Journal blog article.

Now that you know how to keep yourself safe, we invite you to "Like" our Mirabella Facebook page. With our business-style Facebook page, we cannot access your private information, we cannot see your private Facebook posts (unless you leave a comment on our posts or wall), and we promise we won't share any scary Facebook applications. Instead, we provide a safe, interactive way to experience our community.

Spring Open House

Join Mirabella in savoring the season at our Spring Open House. Delight in seasonal food and drinks, visit the new model apartment home and several resident homes, and see all of the "resort style" amenity spaces. Join us for this fun-filled and informative Open House.

Event details are below:

  • Sunday, June 9, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • 3550 SW Bond Ave., Portland, OR 97239

RSVPs are required. Please RSVP to 503-245-4742 or on our website. Upon RSVP, you will be provided with parking and other important event information.

We look forward to seeing you!

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