Wellness Philosophy

Our multifaceted approach to wellness is designed around the principle of successful aging as described by the MacArthur Foundation research. They found that as much as 70% of physical aging is related to lifestyle choices that include eating a healthy diet, getting enough physical exercise, and keeping one’s mind active and engaged.

At Capitol Lakes, wellness means supporting residents in all of these aspects:

  • Eating right is easy because our Executive Chef prepares meals that delight the palate and provide good nutrition.
  • Our Aquatic and Wellness Center, along with the many exercise classes offered weekly, promote good physical health.
  • Residents stay informed through on-campus seminars related to general health, brain fitness, stress management, and more.
  • Social engagement takes place throughout campus, all day long, each and every day, as residents interact with others while dining, exercising, and participating in hobby groups or recreational activities.
  • Our Grand Hall Auditorium, with its outstanding acoustics and Shigeru Kawai Orchestral Grand Piano, hosts visiting musicians, performers, and artists, providing residents with a wealth of personal enrichment.