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March Religious Services

  • Sunday Worship Services - Every Sunday at 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Catholic Mass - Every Tuesday at 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Palm Sunday - March 24 at 7pm (Health Center Auditorium) with Madison Diocese Choir
  • Holy Monday - March 25 - 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Catholic Mass - March 26- Tuesday at 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Holy Wednesday - March 27 - 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Maundy Thursday - March 28 at 10:30am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Good Friday - March 29 - 10:30 am (Health Center Auditorium)
  • Seder Pessah (Passover) March 29 - 11:30 am (Seasons Restaurant) See more details below.
  • Easter Sunday - March 31 -10:30 am (Health Center Auditorium)

Seder (Passover) Celebration

Seder (Passover) will be celebrated with Jewish Social Services and led by Les Goldsmith on Friday, March 29, at 11:30 AM in the Seasons Restaurant. Seating begins at 11:00 AM, at a cost of $16.00 per person. Family members are welcome. Space is limited - don’t wait to make your reservation! RSVP to Kim, 283-2146 by March 15. Your account will be billed. Scholarships are available for Capitol Lakes residents, see Chaplain Guta Cvetkovic.

Madison Symphony Orchestra April 7

16 tickets to the Madison Symphony Orchestra concert, "Rachmaninoff - The Bells" with John De Main, Conductor, have been donated for Capitol Lakes residents, thanks to an anonymous donor. The tickets are for the Sunday, April 7, 2:30 PM performance at the Overture Center. Stop at the MainGate desk to pick up your complimentary ticket. Capitol Lakes will provide transportation departing from the MainGate entrance at 1:00 and 1:40 PM. Many thanks for this generous gift!

Successful Aging Programs at Madison Senior Center

Administrator in Training Zach Tilson has been collaborating with the Downtown Madison Senior Center on a series of free presentations on Successful Aging. The final presentation is this Saturday, March 16, 9:00-9:45 AM. Tim Otis, President of PLATO, will introduce the Participatory Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO), which meets at Capitol Lakes, the Senior Center, & other sites. Transportation is on your own.

Wellness Center Notice

Our spring break will be the week of March 25. We will not hold fitness classes that entire week.

Health Tips from the Health Services Committee

One day at a time – this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past for it is gone, and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. Words by Ida Scott Taylor

Adventure Trips

All trips will depart from the MainGate entrance while the Henry St. entrance is being remodeled. Sign up at the MainGate desk starting the Friday before the departure date, unless otherwise indicated.

March 19 - Olbrich Gardens Spring Flower Show Leave winter behind! Olbrich's Atrium boasts colorful daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers that bloom in this indoor show of spring at its finest. Choose to visit the conservatory ($2) and/or the flower show (suggested $2 admission). You can always walk the outdoor paths and the gift shop also makes an interesting stop! We'll eat lunch at Monte's Blue Plate Diner. The vegetarian chili and cornbread are delicious!

April 7 - Van to Madison Symphony Orchestra, 1:00 & 1:40 PM The van will depart for the Overture Center at 1 PM and 1:40 PM, to allow time for residents to attend the pre-symphony lecture or tour the galleries prior to the start of the concert. See above for exciting news about complimentary tickets!

Marketing Ambassadors Needed

Attention Marketing Ambassadors: There are several volunteer opportunities for an upcoming Marketing event on March 26, 2013:

  • 2 residents sitting at check-in tables by Grand Hall (1:30-2:30pm)
  • 2 residents to mingle/answer questions in Grand Hall (2:30-4:00pm)
  • 1 resident to answer questions/direct guests on 5th floor Heights (2:30-4:00pm)
  • 1 resident to answer questions/direct guests on 6th floor Heights (2:30-4:00pm)
If you are able to help, or have questions, please contact Morgan Czekalski by email at or by phone at
283-2046. Once you have signed up to volunteer, you will receive more information about the event. Thank you for all of your help as a Marketing Ambassador! The response and willingness to volunteer for the last event was overwhelming and greatly appreciated!

Volunteer Request

The Spiritual Life Committee is seeking a volunteer piano player for our sing along at the Health Center on Wednesdays from 10:30 - 11:15am, and on Mondays in Terraces (on Ivy) from 10:45 - 11:30 am. Please contact Guta at
283-2004 if you are interested.

Reminder for Pet Owners

Pet owners, please be considerate and do not allow your pets to relieve themselves directly outside the MainGate entrance. Please walk them several feet down the sidewalk.

Alzheimer's Advocacy Day moved to April 16

The Alzheimer's Association has rescheduled their Advocacy Day to Tuesday, April 16. A presentation about Wisconsin's priorities for Alzheimer's Disease will start at 9:30 AM in the Grand Hall. It will be followed by lunch and legislative visits in the afternoon. Contact Paul Golueke of the Alzheimer’s Association, (414) 479-8800 or to register for this event. Lunch will be provided at 11:30 AM to previously registered participants.

Shakespeare and History Continues

Now that King Richard has been "found," it's time to brush up your Shakespeare once again. We continue our survey of the Bard's history plays with the second sequence of four plays: Henry VI Part One; Henry VI Part Two; Henry VI Part Three; and Richard III. We shall view the classic black and white BBC productions from the 1970s, all of which have large sub-titles. We meet in the Premier Room at 6:30 PM on Sunday evenings through April 27. Don Snyder will be the facilitator. No class will be held on March 30 in observance of Passover and Easter.

Weight Watchers at Capitol Lakes

Wellness instructor Joan Jung is organizing a Weight Watchers group which would meet right here at Capitol Lakes. The meetings would take place on Mondays around the noon hour, and would be open to residents, staff members, and the general public. 14 people have already signed up, but we must have a minimum of 15 participants to get started. Interested parties are encouraged to call Joan at 283-2045, or to email her at

Massage and Acupuncture St. Patrick's Special

Our massage therapist, Laura, and Acupuncturist, Michael, would like to invite you to test the luck of the Irish! During the week of March 11-16 put your name in the pot of gold for a chance to win a free 30 minute massage or acupuncture treatment.

SPECIAL 20% OFF Appointments scheduled March 11 - March 16

Regular Massage Rates:


20% off

½ hour session



1 hour session



90 minute session



Specialty Services (Hot Stone, Facials) are $5 extra per half hour, and $10 extra per 1 hr or 90 minute sessions. Call the Aquatic and Wellness Center at
283-2006 to schedule an appointment with Laura or Michael.

Voting in the April Election

This is the Spring Election for Judicial Offices, State Superintendent of Schools, Madison School board and other local offices.

Absentee Ballots. To vote by absentee ballot, you must be registered at your current address. If you have done this before, remember that you must renew your request for each calendar year unless you are on the Permanent Absentee Ballot List. If you are unsure of your status, call the Madison City Clerk's office,
266-4601. To request an Absentee Ballot, come to the Atrium at one of the times listed below.

If you need to register, come to the Atrium at one of the following times:

  • 3:00-3:30 PM Wednesday, March 6
  • 11:00-11:30 AM, Thursday, March 7

Bring your Wisconsin Driver's License or State ID if one has been issued to you. Otherwise, provide the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Voting on Election Day. Capitol Lakes is our polling place. To vote, you will have to be registered at your current address, including Apartment Number. You will NOT need a Voter ID.

You can register at the polls on Election Day. To do this, you must present acceptable written evidence of residence address. In addition, be prepared to provide the number on your Wisconsin Driver's License or Wisconsin ID card if one has been issued or, otherwise, the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Unsure of Your Voter Registration Status? Call the City Clerk's Office (266-4601) or go to

An Election Information Notebook with sample ballot, the League of Women Voters' Candidates' Answers and information from newspapers will be placed in the Dunham Library on Floor C when the material is available.

QUESTIONS? Call Dan Cornwell, 233-4990; Sally Drew, 251-3406; June Blanchard, 238-7337; Wanda Williamson, 658-1228; or the City Clerk's Office,

Monday Night Art Film

The next Monday Night Art Film, which will be aired in the Grand Hall on March 18 at 7:00 PM, is:

WESTERN ART FROM ANCIENT GREECE TO ANDY WARHOL: Art is much more than paint on canvas or figures chipped from stone. This series reveals how Western art mirrors Western culture, each work forever reflecting the cultural forces, historical events and social changes that defined its era.

EPISODE 1, THE CLASSICAL IDEAL: The Greeks created a classical ideal against which all subsequent art would be measured; Rome’s genius lay in architecture and civil engineering. Featured are the Parthenon, the Altar of Zeus at Pergamon and the sarcophagus of Junius Bassus in Rome.

Art Committee Update

The Seasons opened Tuesday, March 12. The Capitol Lakes Art Committee is busy selecting permanent art for the Seasons, but has not yet made some final selections. We have relocated some art from other parts of Capitol Lakes: two pieces from Madison artist Lee Weiss, and two pieces from Josephine Woodbury, a former resident and artist. Also, we invite you to enjoy two temporary exhibits that will be here until mid-May.

The entrance walkway to the Seasons will house resident art as was the practice in the past. Karen Foget has agreed to share her excellent and totally subject appropriate fruit and vegetables for our opening.

Georgene Pomplun's art will be to the right as you enter the Season’s.

Karen Foget

Karen began a new direction of visual expression in 1992 after a thirty-year career in book design, illustration, calligraphy, and graphic design. She is an exceptional sense of design and color and has had an opportunity to display her art in Madison and elsewhere in Capitol Lakes.

The round shapes and patterns of many fruits and vegetables are suggestive of the mandala (Sanskrit for circle and center). A mandala is usually round and symmetrical, and radiates from a strong center. It is the oldest universal art form and has been used as an integral part of meditation and centering in almost every ancient spiritual tradition.

Georgene Pomplun

Georgene Pomplun lives in a rural area of southern Wisconsin, surrounded by stunning views at every turn. Painting the farms in her area is her stake in preserving a way of life that is increasingly threatened. She also loves the solid farmhouses that epitomize the tenets of form and function, and which fit so comfortably into their environment.

Pomplun paints on masonite panels sized with acrylic gesso, or in the field on oil-primed linen panels, selected for their lighter weight. She always begins with a monochrome tone painting to block the composition and set values, an unusual approach for a landscape painter. The giclees from her paintings are pigment prints using archival inks on acid-free, 100 percent cotton rag paper.

The artist holds a BFA in Graphic Design, with additional formal training in the fine arts from the American Academy of Art and the Palette and Chisel Society in Chicago. Pomplun has also studied with Kim English and Gregg Kreutz.

Message from the President

President's Letter

May I remind everyone that the monthly CLRA meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 19th at 10:00…
Read More (PDF).



Grand Hall Highlights

Tamlyn Akins Art Opening
Friday, March 15 at 7 PM

Irish Folk Music with Tom Kastle
Saturday, March 16 at 7 PM

Nathaniel Wolkstein Violin Recital
Sunday, March 17 at 7 PM

Audiologist Veronica Heide
Monday March 18 at 1 PM

Schubert Club
Tuesday, March 19, 1 PM

Madison Audubon Society
Tuesday, March 19 at 7 PM

UW Showcase Speaker Series Prof. Deborah Blum, author of “The Poisoner’s Guide to Life”
Thursday, March 21 at 7 PM

Capitol Lakes, 333 W. Main Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53703
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