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Holladay Park Plaza
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New Officers Elected

by Ginny Robertson, President, Residents' Association

All present at the Residents' Association Meeting on January 8, 2013, together with absentee ballots submitted, voted without objection for the following officers:

  • Nancy Johns, President
  • Gary Lovre, Vice President
  • Louise Kasper, Secretary
  • Aleeza St.Clair, Treasurer

These officers will begin service following the March 5, 2013 meeting of the Residents' Association. They will serve until the end of the March meeting in 2014. Greet them when you have a chance. Be sure to share any hopes or ideas you have for life here at Holladay Park Plaza during the upcoming year.

Prior to the March meeting is a good time for floors to elect new Floor Representatives if that is appropriate for your floor. Be sure to let Ginny Robertson know of any planned Floor Rep changes.

All Committee Chairs are reminded that brief Annual Reports should be written and submitted to the Association meeting on March 5th.

Please Welcome

Janet Kelly
Janet grew up in Michigan and lived in various towns in Michigan, Texas, Southern California and on the Oregon Coast before settling in Portland. While she was a student at the University of Michigan she married Philip Kelly and had four daughters together. Janet has always worked in the field of education as a teacher, counselor and psychologist and is now retired. Janet enjoys traveling, exploring new places and meeting new friends.

Move-In Date 1/25/13
Apt. #437 Ext. 537

Shirley Vanelli
Shirley was born in north-central Kansas, and was the youngest of four children. In 1942 her family moved to Oregon. Her first "real" job was a clerk-typist at the US Naval Blimp Base in Tillamook. After the war Shirley moved to Portland and has lived here ever since. Shirley's first job in Portland was secretary to Leith Abbott, who was manager of a national advertising agency's district office. In 1970 Shirley married George Vanelli, longtime director at The Oregonian and 50-plus years veteran at the paper.

Move-In date 2/1/13
Apt. #435 Ext. 332

Please join us in welcoming Janet and Shirley to the Plaza Family!

Health & Wellness Books

by Janet Smithwick

Since February is 'Heart Month' it seemed appropriate to call your attention to articles from the newsletters that various residents have been kind enough to donate to the Health & Wellness Library. The sources are in alphabetical order. It is felt that the newsletters contain the most up-to date information.

The first is from Renè Swar's collection of articles. It is in the notebook titled Cardiovascular Diseases. The articles are in the following sections: High Blood Pressure; Stroke; Heart Diseases; Peripheral Vascular Diseases.

The second is from the Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor from 2009 to 2012. There are many articles having to do with heart health; too many to individually mention.

The next is from the Harvard Heart Letter: articles related to whole body health as it relates to heart health. The fourth reference is from the Harvard Men's Health Watch: Aspirin and Your Heart and Treating Hypertension — Are Two Meds Better Than One? The next is from the Mayo Clinic Health Letter from July 2010 to January 2013. We have selected the following articles: July 2010 - Coronary Bypass Surgery; July 2010 - Atrial Fibrillation; August 2011 - Heart Failure, Drug Treatment; September 2011 - Heart Failure and Sitting; January 2013 - Blood Vessel Health.

From the Lanai: Ode to Winter

by Gloria Zeal Davis

Upon—their chests—they wear a yellow button! They wear it in the winter, and in the month of May (hey, hey). And if—you ask—them why the heck they wear it, They wear it for the Wellness Crew Who work with them each day!

Get off your back, Jack! Get out of the room, June! Get off that bed, Ed! Into the pool, Jewel!

It ain't over till it's over! So hit that fitness room. It's only a mirror.

And, above all, remember that…

Great Decisions

Great Decisions is a project of the Foreign Policy Association and has been presented for many years. The projected topics for the remainder of the 2013 series are:

  • 2/4 NATO by Mark Webber
  • 2/18 Myanmar and Southeast Asia by Barbara Crossette
  • 3/4 Humanitarian intervention by Thomas Weiss
  • 3/18 Iran by John Limbert
  • 4/1 China in Africa by David Shinn
  • 4/15 Threat assessment by Gregory Treverton

Our sessions started on January 7 and will continue the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month in the Club Room thru April. Sessions start promptly at 11am with a video on that session's topic, followed by our discussion. We end by noon.

Jury Duty (?)

by Lois Manookian

Today is different. It's the third day I'm required to show up at Multnomah County Courthouse. Jury candidates have been partially culled. Hopefully today will decide my fate. Either I will be on this jury, a murder case, or I won't be. Read more


by Barbara Euler

Wasn't it Mark Twain who said that everybody talked about it but nobody did anything about it? We've all been mutinous during these cold, unusual, unstable January days, so here's some commentary and folklore. Read more

Arts & Crafts

by Lois Manookian

Many of you will have already visited the beautiful photography show now in our Gallery. Lucy Rieben has filled the hallway with all kinds of scenery - seascapes, alpine meadows, adorable children, even gumball machines. She has obviously capitalized on trips to Switzerland, the Oregon coast, and family outings. She brings her camera and does wonderful things. The Swiss Alps require a careful look. See if you can find the red cable car among all those glorious mountains and valleys below.

Community Involvement Annual Report

by Ross Robson

Nearly one ton of food. That's how much HPP residents contributed to the Northeast Emergency Food Pantry (NEFP) in 2012. In addition to food, HPP residents contributed $7967, including $775 towards the new freezer. This accounts only for money given through the front desk. Several residents donate directly to the pantry. On behalf of Portland's hungry children and adults, thank you. Please continue your generosity. Remember: one item for the food pantry with every trip to the grocery.

NEFP not only distributes food but clothing as well, and continues to be in desperate need of men's warm clothing: coats, jackets, sweaters, socks, underwear, etc. Items may be left at the front desk. In the first two weeks of January, with little notification, HPP residents filled the clothing barrel with 4 coats, 8 sweaters, 8 pants, 10 shirts, 8 T-shirts and 4 pajamas. Again, thank you. We need no reminder that the cold weather continues and the need for warm clothing continues.

February Entertainment

by Jack Bishop

The first performance in February will be on Tuesday night, February 12. Soprano Susan Surface will make a return engagement with her tenor partner, Marlon Gonzales.

Marlon was born in Cuba and had his first vocal training in that country. According to some, he is a sort of Mario Lanza, in that his beautiful voice caught many by surprise. He is studying voice with former NYC opera tenor Sid Johnson, who will be doing a concert here in April.

Many will remember Susan as having been a student of Marie Peake. She credits Marie for her solid training in vocal production.

Susan and Marlon will present an evening of solos and duets.

The second February program, on the 26th at 7:15pm, will be an unusual travelogue. Mary Andersen's grandson Eli recently completed a surf-board trip along the west coast of Vancouver Island. He has many pictures and stories of his trip that will hold the audience spellbound.

According to Eli, "I did a lot of planning for my 50-day surfboard paddle along the West coast of Vancouver Island. I planned to put in at San Josef Bay, then paddle 350 miles down to Victoria."

Eli Andersen is a surfer, adventurer, and craftsman based out of Portland, Oregon. In 2005, he built a kayak and voyaged 1,200 miles from Glacier Bay, Alaska to Port Townsend, Washington on the Inside Passage. The journey inspired him to experiment with traditional handmade wooden surfboards paddled in the classic Polynesian prone position. In 2009, Eli made a board from salvaged redwood and paddled the Oregon coast. In 2010, he circumnavigated Graham Island, the northern half of Haida Gwaii in northwest British Columbia.

Medical Terminology for the Layman

Submitted by Jean Nielsen

  • Artery - The study of fine paintings.
  • Barium - What you do when CPR fails.
  • Caesarean Section - A district in Rome.
  • Colic - A sheep dog.
  • Coma - A punctuation mark.
  • Congenital - Friendly.
  • Dilate - To live long.
  • Fester - Quicker.
  • G.I. Series - Baseball games between teams of soldiers.
  • Grippe - A suitcase.
  • Hangnail - A coat hook.
  • Medical Staff - A doctor's cane.
  • Minor Operation - Coal digging.
  • Morbid - A higher offer.
  • Nitrate - Lower than the day rate.
  • Node - Was aware of.
  • Organic - Musical
  • Outpatient - A person who has fainted.
  • Post-operative - A letter carrier.
  • Protein - In favor of young people.
  • Secretion - Hiding anything.
  • Serology - Study of English knighthood.
  • Tablet - A small table.
  • Tumor - An extra pair.
  • Urine - Opposite of you're out.
  • Varicose Veins - Veins which are very close together.

For Lent

Excerpts submitted by Elaine Goldsmith
Great Granddaughter Sidney Patterson, 16 yrs. old

From baby steps to finger paints
And learning how to read
I proudly ask the world's advice
"What do you think of me?"

With trophies, grades and honors
I quickly began to see
The world applauds success and fame-
"What do you think of me?"

For boyfriends and promised love,
1 traded my purity
And choked back tears and silently asked.
"What do you think of me?"

The world's applause was my reward
When I sought to please,
But the clapping stopped when I missed the mark-
"What do you think of me?"

"The world was quick to judge your deeds,
But failed to tell the rest-
There was nothing you could do
To make me love you less."

"Before you ever drew a breath,
My name was on your heart,
The author of your hidden frame
Before your life did start."

"My boy was nailed to a rugged cross,
For you, He agreed to die.
Burdened by your sin and shame,
'It is finished,' He finally cried."

"My child," He said, "the choice is yours.
What will your answer be?
It's your turn now- the question is
What do you think of me?"

Plaza Notes

by B. Cameron

Every Wednesday dinnertime, one table is set with five wine glasses. The sixth person drinks water only, raising her water glass to clink with the goblets in their weekly toast to friendship. Then the label on the wine bottle is read slowly and seriously to tell of the vineyard and sipping taste. Last week, after this was completed, a folded label was discovered next to the one single water glass. It was opened and read as follows:

Crystal Fountain Cellars

Our crystal waters are derived from the misting Oregon rain, and thundering waterfalls, only found in our nature-favored Columbia Gorge. It pours sleekly and smoothly into your glass with our famed clarity, allowing a clear view through your goblet to the faces of your friends. Upon the first sip, the roundness of taste, echoes of Douglas fir, and snowflake may be detected, along with a hint of crisp lettuce. One should drink our waters absolutely unsullied by ice cubes. Enjoy!

The women were puzzled a bit, but soon all nodded that the beverages had been given their due deference, and the diners began their eating and conversation flowed as usual for the rest of the meal.

Do You Remember

by Aunt Betsy aka Lee Forsythe

When by a month into the New Year you had already accomplished several of your resolutions? For some reason getting going is taking much longer. I wonder why. Surely it can't be age or, as my doctor says, "aging." Well, I must admit my memory is not what it was a few years back. Back then I could remember new resident's names. When I introduced those new residents to long- time residents, I didn't stumble and search for my old friend's name. Where did I put that list? I must review it and get busy.

Prominent on the resolution list is that pesky weight loss item. I did lose five pounds before Christmas. Sorry to say, I gained back five plus an extra two. I'll have to hide all those wonderful dips and tasty crackers, jellies and jams. I wish people wouldn't give me candy but guess they don't know anything else I might want. That's no excuse for losing my flat tummy. Have to admit that's my own fault. Decidedly it's time to check into a second exercise class and try to walk more. These are doable things. I must get moving NOW!

There it is the most dreaded item on the resolution list, taxes. The Internal Revenue Service is not easy to forget. Why didn't I keep all that information having to do with health care, charitable donations and such together? I will get it all in order for my accountant. It cuts down on the stress if you have your own. Maybe you are going to do it yourself. You will likely be buying TURBO. Good luck if you are going it alone.

2013 offers us' an early start on making our lives healthier and happier. There's no better time to start.

New Wine for Seniors, I kid you not…

Submitted by Jean Matsumoto

Clare Valley vintners in South Australia, which primarily produce Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio wines, have developed a new hybrid grape that acts as an anti-diuretic.

It is expected to reduce the number of trips older people have to make to the bathroom at night.

The new wine will be marketed as PINO MORE
I heard it through the grapevine

Words From Wellness

by Renè Swar, Wellness Director

"Join HPP's Wellness Team in 2013" is this year's motto.

We started off this year's campaign by bringing in new ideas to our current fitness classes. This included new innovative equipment and exercises. We also have been taking attendance and those with excellent attendance will get a nice reward for their commitment to wellness.

Another fun team building approach has been handing out HPP Wellness Team buttons. They are bright yellow and both staff and residents have been wearing them. For staff it emphasizes that we are all here for the well being of you, our residents, and for residents it shows that they are involved in some type of exercise program. If you have not received a button and would like one, please see either me or Susan.

February is "Heart Health Month." Susan Maselli will be starting a new staff and resident fitness program. Watch for details from her. Here are the exciting events that we will be offering during the month:

  • Tuesday, February 5th at 10:00am a new round of Tai Chi will begin. Join this amazing class in the Fitness Studio.
  • Monday, February 11th at 2:00pm in the Fitness Studio, Jean Leavenworth, MELT instructor will be giving a lecture and demonstration on a hand and foot treatment workshop. You will learn how to erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and low back brought on by everyday stress, overuse and age. Learn how the connective tissue in your hands and feet gets dehydrated and how to rehydrate is essential system in our bodies for vibrant health and pain free movement.
  • Fitness Testing will again be conducted in the Fitness Studio on Friday, February 15th from 1:30 to 3:30pm. Watch for a signup sheet in the mailroom.
  • The Leading Age Creative Writing and Poetry Luncheon will be held at Friendsview Retirement Community on Thursday, Feb. 28th.

More Words From Wellness

by Susan Maselli, Asst. Wellness Director

A new year is a great time for a new fitness regimen! Starting Thursday, February 14th, Wellness is starting a Walk Your Way to Wellness activity for residents and staff. The walk is short term, running from Valentine's Day to Tax Day, April 15th.

All participants will receive a brand new pedometer that will calculate steps, calories, kilometers and miles. You will also receive a weekly "Game Board" where you will track certain activities and accumulate points for special weekly prizes. Prizes will include fun workout socks, water bottles, energy bars, gift cards, Wise Buys and Deli "bucks" and more. The person with the most overall mileage for the two-month program will receive a gift card for dinner at a fine eating establishment in the local area.

The "Walk Your Way" game board includes other fun activities besides walking – strength training two times a week, eat four fruits and veggies each day for four days in a row, skip dessert three times in one week, use a new (to you) piece of exercise equipment for 30 minutes, stretch three times a week…and many more fun activities that you can earn points for special prizes.

The program will be limited to the first 100 people to sign up. Sign-ups will begin Friday, February 1st in the mail room. We are very excited to share this program with staff and residents.

Please be sure to join the HPP Wellness Team. If you haven't already received your big yellow "I'm an HPP Wellness Team Member" button, see Renè or Susan in the Wellness department.

We are ALL participants in the wellness of our residents and ourselves!

February is Heart Health Month! The focus is "Your Sweet Heart" as we start our Walk Your Way to Wellness activity on February 14th. February 1st is "Wear Red Day" so don't forget to honor the month, your sweetheart and wear your RED!

Are you concerned that yours or a loved one's forgetfulness and fuzzy thinking may be the onset of Alzheimer's? You owe it to him or her-and yourself-to get a quick check for brain draining health conditions and other causes that may seem like Alzheimer's but have one big difference: Many of these mind altering problems are treatable and even reversible.

A recent report looked at nearly 1,000 people with dementia and found that up to 30% didn't have Alzheimer's disease; many had what are treatable medical conditions or negative reactions to medications. Those include:

  • Vitamin deficiencies: Extremely low levels of folic acid, niacin or vitamins B-1, 6 or 12 can cause Alzheimer's-like symptoms. Blood tests can determine deficiencies.
  • Depression: Insist on a depression evaluation before your doctor makes an Alzheimer's diagnosis. Thinking and recall can improve with treatment for depression, though not for those with depression plus Alzheimer's.
  • Urinary Tract Infections: Chronic or frequent bladder infections may trigger delirium in the elderly. Treat the infection and the mental symptoms go away.
  • Drug interactions or reaction to digoxin.

In addition to getting a proper diagnosis and treatment for symptoms of confusion or memory loss, you can take these six steps to keep your brain cells humming a happy tune:

  • Walk 30 minutes daily. Regular exercise is the most important step you can take to prevent dementia.
  • Cultivate calm with yoga, meditation, journal writing, breathing exercises or guided imagery. Pack your diet with fresh produce and brain friendly omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Aim for brain friendly levels of cholesterol (HDL above 60, LDL below 100, triglycerides below 100) blood pressure (115/70) and blood glucose (90-100 fasting). A low sodium diet, daily meditation, avoiding trans- and saturated fats, and daily physical activity will help you hit those targets.
  • Bolster memory skills by playing brain games. Be a lifelong learner. Try learning a new language, tackling a new project or interacting with new people and new situations as often as possible.
  • Guard against head injuries. If you do bump your noggin good and hard, and then down the road have symptoms of confusion or memory loss, get to a doctor!

This information is provided by Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Dr. Mike Roizen, who is the chief medical officer at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.


Vesper Services

Each service
begins at 3:55pm

All residents are invited.

February 3
The Reverend
Patricia Kessel
Lutheran Minister

February 10
The Reverend
Steven Schneider
Episcopal Minister

February 17
The Reverend
Dr. Mark Duntley
Presbyterian Minister

February 24
The Reverend
Wilbert Hardy
United Church Of
Christ Minister

Bulletin Board

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Movement & Meditation
Friday Classes in February

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