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Home Cost Calculator

What is the real cost of your home?

Despite what many believe, staying in your current home may not be the most affordable retirement option. There’s a good chance you’re paying much more to maintain your home than you think. Use this calculator to determine what you’re paying now, and compare that to what you’d pay at one of our communities.

Average Monthly Expenses

Cost in Your Home

Our Cost

Mortgage or Rent Payment $ included
(electricity, gas, water and sewer, recycling, central A/C, heat)
$ included
Property Taxes $ included
Property Owner’s Association Dues $ included
Homeowner’s and Liability Insurance* $ included
Home Maintenance
(plumbing, electrical, and appliance repair)
$ included
Seasonal Maintenance
(lawn care, tree pruning, gutter cleaning, swimming pool maintenance)
$ included
Major Home Repairs
(roof, air conditioning and heating systems, exterior painting, driveway, foundation, water heater)
$ included
Basic Cable $ included
(one meal a day)
$ included
Entertainment** $ included
(car-related costs for daily errands)
$ included
Home Security/Emergency Response $ included
Recreation $ included
Wellness Center/Health Club $ included
Concierge Services $ included
Biweekly Housekeeping $ included
Great View $ Priceless
Total**** $ $4,616

* Renters insurance for personal property is considerably less than homeowners insurance.
** Some small fees may apply for certain events.
*** Scheduled transportation. Contact Retirement Counselor for details.
**** This cost represents a PRS CCRC’s average monthly fee for a two-bedroom accommodation (double occupancy). Monthly fees vary by community and by the selected accommodation type.