Pricing Options

You can move to University Retirement Community (URC) for over $100,000. That’s right! Our pricing starts at just over $101,000—a fantastic value when you consider all of the resort-style services and amenities found on campus.

URC, like all Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), has a one-time Entrance Fee component as well as a Monthly Fee component. The amount of your Entrance Fee will depend primarily on the size of the apartment or cottage you select. Larger accommodations will carry higher Entrance Fees than smaller accommodations.

Our Monthly Fees are also determined, in part, by the size of the apartment or cottage you choose. They are set at a level designed to cover the cost of resident services; one daily meal; weekly flat-linen service; housekeeping; interior and exterior maintenance; groundskeeping; basic cable TV service; electricity, water, sewer, and trash service; use of all common areas; access to transportation and activities; and operating costs.

In accordance with the Residence and Service Agreement, the Monthly Fee and the Entrance Fee together provide you lifetime use of your apartment or cottage and access to care in the Health Care Center for temporary or long-term residence, should the need arise.

You also have access to all of the many fine campus amenities: our brand-new Aquatics and Fitness Center, Massage Therapy, Hair Salon, Bocce Court, Club Lounge, Deli, and much more.

For more information about our pricing schedule contact us today!