Resident Assistance Program

The Resident Assistance Program is designed to help people who, through no fault of their own, are unable to continue to meet their financial obligations. The Foundation strives to help maintain the dignity of those in need and to assure their future health and well-being, balanced with an obligation to be good stewards of the contributions made to this program.

Betty M. Nelson Transportation Program

Resident Ken Nelson established this program in memory of his wife, Betty Nelson. It provides transportation to residents in need of financial support for medical transportation. In 2009, when the program fund was nearly depleted, generous residents replenished the fund to more than $5,000, with an anonymous donor matching those donations dollar for dollar up to $500. Residents in need of support for medical transportation can receive support anonymously by sending a written request.

Staff Continuing Education Scholarships

This program was established by a resident wanting to provide support for Health Care Center employees seeking to advance their education and training in the health care field.

Piano Restoration Program

This program was originally established to restore a 100-year-old Steinway piano donated to URC by resident Nancy DuBois. Now the focus of the program is to maintain the piano to ensure quality sound and hours of musical enjoyment for residents.

Other Programs

A number of additional programs exist for general capital improvements, benches, and equipment for the Health Care Center.

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